August 7, 2008

Talk about burying the lead…

Posted in Geek Out at 11:43 am by shhville

Um, which would you pick?

2 arrested in DC-area marijuana-smuggling scheme


SWAT team raids mayor, shoots family dog because someone mailed them pot

Actually, it was two dogs. Labs, no less. And the family was innocent. What a cock-up! But anyway, whoever wrote that AP headline needs to take a class with Angelia Herrin. That or a good bitch-slap.


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  1. Nemat Sadat said,

    Hi Elke,

    I definitely agree with you. The AP Report reminds me of the Robbery Reports we did in class and some of our fellow classmates added details that were NOT part of the facts given to us or extrapulated further details that tilted the story a different direction.

    When I read an AP news wire its as though they just follow a simple formular of the 4-W’s and 1-How and don’t think analytically what actually happened.

    Thanks for sharing Elke. Hope to see you in classes in the Fall. Enjoy the rest of summer!



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