July 14, 2008

Jezebel on Ryan Lizza, New Yorker Washington Correspondent

Posted in Geek Out at 11:28 am by shhville

From Jezebel:

SPENCER: honestly, this doesn’t seem like a manufactured controversy, since the New Yorker doesn’t have to gin up gimmicks to sell magazines
plus they probably see themselves as above that
did you read the story? Written by Ryan “Snitch Bitch” Lizza?
MEGAN: They’d have to gin up a controversy to get me to buy it, but I’m the world’s worst person at buying magazines.
I keep trying to read it, but the narcolepsy kicks in.
SPENCER: yeah, i didn’t either
because NO ONE should trust a single thing Lizza writes
not his editors
not his factcheckers
not his readers
not his friends
not his family
MEGAN: Well, Ryan Lizza’s trustworthiness aside, Ryan Lizza doesn’t seem interesting enough as a person to be the secondary focus of the piece.
It’s like, do I really need to read about Ryan Lizza talking about Ryan Lizza researching the story.?
SPENCER: fun fact: in Shattered Glass, the movie about Steve Glass & TNR, there’s a hyper-obnoxious intern who keeps trying to butter Glass up
that dude is based on Ryan
wait, does Lizza talk about how he researched his own piece in the middle of the piece itself?
because if so, i wish there was a loud cackle function in HTML
MEGAN: It’s all like, XYZ told me this, and Obama talked to me about this.
it’s all written in the first person, I find it really annoying and I write constantly in the first person but not about how I met Barack Obama and everyone that’s ever known him talked to Me.
SPENCER: (Yeah, but magazine editors make you do that, so you can signal to your readership that They could never do what Famous Glossy Writers do — it’s the most anti-punk rock thing in journalism)

Read the rest here.


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